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An Ultra Violet (UV) air filtration system is now an option for your home. These systems use UV-C light, which renders 80% of all mold, virus and bacteria passing within the site of the light to be rendered harmless by destroying or preventing the bacteria/virus to reproduce. Ask your PPI professional to discuss how this can work with your current heating/cooling system.

Performance Series UV Lights

Benefits - Dust, dirt, mold and other substances can accumulate on any heating and cooling component, reducing airflow by as much as 9%*. UV Lights help minimize accumulation, letting your system operate at its peak efficiency levels. (*Estimated reduction based on hypothetical substance build-up on a typical coil. Reduction may vary based on actual coil and system size and characteristics.)

Features - Ultraviolet light exposure kills potential contaminants at their source, before they each the air you breathe. UV Lights are mounted inside your system, focused on the moist cooling coil. They help keep your system free of airborne contaminants by destroying them before they can circulate through your home.