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Aquanot Series by Zoeller

For clear water, emergency backup usage when power is off or primary sump pump fails. With over 25 years of proven performance in the field and thousands of satisfied customers, the Aquanot Series by Zoeller has the reliability and protection you need.

Extra Protection:
• When the primary AC pump fails for any reason depend on the
   Aquanot Series.
• No interruption in pump performance because of power outage or failure of   primary pump.
• One of the oldest and most reliable battery backup systems in use today.

• Redesigned switch configuration to incorporate a heavy duty Square-D Switch   and adjustable Float Ball
• All pre-assembled and ready to protect your basement. Pump has heavy duty   12 volt motor and positive contact float switch.
• Stainless steel float rod, column and shaft.
• Noncorrosive cable and base assembly.
• Discharges water as fast as many primary pumps.
• Aquanot I equipped with .5 amp battery monitor designed to maintain a fully   charged battery.


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