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Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters offer ultra condensing efficiency.

• The industry’s highest energy efficientcy at 98% means the lowest annual   operating costs and  the best payback compared with conventional tankless   or tank-type water heaters.
• Saves, on average, more than $160 per year over conventional tank type gas   water heaters and $40 per year over conventional tankless gas water heaters.
• Shortest payback of any water heater on the market.
• Best gallons per minute performance when comparing input BTU.
• Ultra efficient burner uses less gas resulting in substantial CO2 and NOx   emission reductions
• Less NOx and CO2 means less acid rain and less green house gases   minimizing ozone layer depletion.
• Navien’s dual stainless steel heat exchangers are up to 20 times more   resistant than copper heat exchangers to erosion and condensation damage.
• The higher efficiency results in lower exhaust temperatures that allow
  the use of PVC or other plastic venting materials. And, plastic venting
  offers significant cost savings and easier installation.

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