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PPI - Professional Plumbing Service
1435 S. Barrington Road, Barrington, IL 60010

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The staff at PPI is committed to delivering quality workmanship, not only at a competitive price but at a flat-rate price. Although competition does exist in our industry, you’ll find that it is difficult for these other companies to match the total value offered by PPI. Consequently, we hope that you not only think of us in times of crisis but also in times of home improvement!

In 2003, the staff at Professional Plumbing Inc. has been offering its customers flat-rate pricing. Our approach is significant for the customer because we can name our price for a respective service prior to commencing- this ensures that you are getting an honest opinion at an honest price!

PPI strives to offer more than reliable repair services.  In addition to maintaining our emergency hotline, it is important to us that our office staff and field technicians behave in a respectful and responsive manner while servicing you and your family.

For Inquiries / Concerns Ask the Tech!